Thursday, August 6, 2009

Food For Life's Brown Rice Bread

Brand: Food For Life
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Product Name: Brown Rice Bread

Location/Cost Info: Food For Life's website

Total From A to Z: 3.5 Stars

A's Review: * * *
For better or for worse, this bread is dense. It needs toppings and condiments to go with it, but otherwise the flavor is nice. And it held together better than many GF breads we've tried.

Z's Review: * * * *
My sister brought me this bread. I'm not sure where she got it but I think she bought it fresh instead of frozen. I don't know if it was because this bread wasn't frozen or if the brown rice had something to do with it, but it was a lot less crumbly than the white rice version. This made the bread a lot easier to use. The texture of this bread is quite a bit more dense than regular bread, but I thought the flavor was quite satisfying.


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