Sunday, January 25, 2009

About A&Z!

We have been together for more than six years and have always shared joy in eating and cooking good food!

In June 2008, Z was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) at the age of 25. RA is a chronic and systemic autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the body’s joints. RA can result in stiffness, muscle pain, joint destruction, fatigue, and even loss of appetite. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for RA. While treatment exists to slow the destruction of joints and reduce pain, we realized that a diagnosis of RA was going to require a substantial change in our lifestyle. (To read more about Z’s experiences adjusting to RA, please visit Z's other blog.)

As part of our lifestyle changes, Z decided to go gluten-free. For details about why Z decided to go gluten-free, please read the gluten-free post on Z's other blog.) While we aren’t yet positive that the gluten-free diet is specifically helping Z’s joint pain, we’ve noticed many other benefits from the new lifestyle choice:
  • Before changing her diet Z had almost no appetite - but since going gluten-free her appetite has returned in full force!
  • Now we both avoid eating processed foods (almost all of which contain wheat) and focus on fresh and natural food - a much healthier way of eating!
  • Reading ingredients has taught us to be more aware of what we are putting in our bodies (who knew we were eating wheat with our sushi!)
This blog contains our discoveries since we started our gluten-free adventure. We thought that providing our opinions, as well as product information and purchase locations, would be useful to people who are gluten-free or love someone that is.

And, just so you know, we write our reviews separately. So if we both say the same thing then it must be true! (Or we must be spending too much time together!)

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to get in touch with us, please email Thanks for visiting our blog!
NOTE: The information on this blog is not intended for use as a source of health advice. Nor can we guarantee that every product, recipe, or restaurant we review is 100% gluten-free. Please use your own judgment, always re-read labels, and ask questions at all restaurants.


  1. A and Z
    Thanks for your efforts on behalf of all who cook gluten free. I have found a great source of delicious pasta from Italy, Schar pastas. The Italian's are way ahead of us, since they have a significant percentage of their population who have Celiac Disease. All Schar pastas can be purchased online at Gluten Free Mall. Also there are great recipes at

    Kathy apRoberts
    San Luis Obispo

  2. Schar is not Italian, though they do carry it all over Europe - and they have the BEST gluten free bread EVER!!! its called pain carre, the slices are small, but it tastes like real bread. If you want schar, its actually canadian. Tough it can be ordered on line - I have been begging grocers to carry it here.

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