Friday, August 7, 2009

EnviroKidz's Organic Peanut Butter Panda Puffs

Brand: EnviroKids
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Product Name: Organic Peanut Butter Panda Puffs

Location Purchased: Safeway

Cost: $3.29

Total From A to Z: 3 Stars

A's Review: * * *
I personally like Peanut Butter Bumpers better, but since they use oat flour, that doesn't do us any good here. The flavor of the Panda Puffs was more subdued, which might not bother some people. I really like peanut butter, so I found that aspect disappointing. It held up well in milk though and the company does good things for conservation.

Z's Review: * * *
At first I wasn't sure if I liked the peanut butter flavor. In fact, I wasn't sure it tasted like peanut butter at all! But I enjoyed it more and more as I ate it. Also, I love EnviroKidz since they encourage organic and healthy eating in kids and part of their proceeds go to wildlife conservation. Personally I'm not sure I would buy this cereal again, but I do think kids would really like it - either with milk or as a dry snack.


  1. Have you tried Kix Cereal? The original and the honey nut Kix are both gluten-free and it is my FAVE!

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