Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trader Joe's Cranberry Maple Nut Granola

Brand: Trader Joe's
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Product Name: Cranberry Maple Nut Granola

Location/Cost Info: Trader Joe's website (why oh why isn't there a Trader Joe's in Colorado?!?)

Total From A to Z: 4 Stars

A's Review: * * * *
Crunchy and just slightly sweet. We had it on plain yogurt, which was a very nice companion. This is a great option if you are GF because you'd never even notice that it is different.

Z's Review: * * * *
"Cranberry" is the first word in the name of this product, but I didn't actually get any cranberries the first time I poured this granola over yogurt. So I think: more cranberries! Aside from the lack of cranberries, because it doesn't use wheat and oats, the texture and feel of this granola is pretty different from "ordinary" granola. But it is crunchy, a little bit sweet, and added great flavor to my plain yogurt. I certainly enjoyed it.

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