Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Woodchuck's Amber Cider

Brand: Woodchuck
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Product Name: Amber Cider

Location Purchased: Liquor Mart (a local Boulder liquor store)

Cost: We paid $16.49 for a 12-variety-pack that included 3 Granny Smith Ciders, 3 Amber Ciders, 3 Pear Ciders, and 3 802 Dark & Dry Ciders.

Total From A to Z: 3 Stars

A's Review: * * * *
This is the most cider-like of the Woodchuck line, like non-alcoholic cider that was left to ferment a bit too long. I liked the flavor a lot and the carbonation is a good addition, but it is pretty sweet, for better or worse.

Z's Review: * *
Since being gluten-free eliminates most types of beers, cider can be an excellent alternative drink. However, I think this particular flavor is a little bit too apple-y for me. It also has a pretty intense cider flavor, but I'm not exactly sure how to explain that. Like over-cooked apples, I guess? I wasn't all that fond of the taste. But, I have to admit that apple has never been my favorite flavor. I think that a person who liked apple juice and other kinds of non-alcoholic apple cider more than I do would probably really enjoy this flavor.


  1. Did you like the dark & dry any better? I drink Woodchuck like most people drink water...ok, fine, like most people drink beer. But suffice it to say I live on the stuff.

  2. Oops. Nevermind :) But I'm glad you liked it!

  3. I liked the pear the best, followed by the Granny Smith, but I'm still waiting for A to review those so I can post them. I hear they also make a raspberry one? So I'm dying to try that too.

    (Lol, I just went to their website to confirm on the raspberry one and I LOVE their slogan: "Crisp and refreshing because they’re made from apples, never woodchucks." Hilarious.)


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