Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Simply Boulder's Truly Teriyaki

Brand: Simply Boulder
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Product Name: Truly Teriyaki

Location Purchased: King Soopers

Cost: $5.49 for 12 oz bottle

Total From A to Z: 2.5 Stars

A's Review: * *
I made teriyaki chicken with this sauce and on a whim, I added some crushed pineapple and Mongolian Fire Oil before I threw the pan in the oven. Without the additional flavors, this would have been very, very bland. I can only hope that there are other gluten-free teriyaki sauces out there that take themselves more seriously than this one.

Z's Review: * * *
This was a nice, sweet teriyaki sauce, but it was slightly on the plain side all by itself. We added a little bit of tamari sauce to give it a more savory flavor and a little bit of Mongolian fire oil to give it a little bit of a spicy kick. Then we had it on chicken with pineapple chunks and it was very pleasing. But I think the sauce itself needed a little bit of help to make a good meal.

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