Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chebe's Frozen Pizza Crust

Brand: Chebe
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Product Name: Frozen Pizza Crust

Location Purchased: King Soopers

Cost: $5.99 for 2 frozen crusts (5'' X 6'')

A to Z Review: 5 Stars

A's Review: * * * * *
I love this crust. Thin and crunchy, it is not a regular or deep dish crust experience, but the flavor and texture are great. Just heat them up, throw on some toppings, heat for a few minutes more, and you are ready to rock.

Z's Review: * * * * *
For quick, easy, and tasty gluten-free pizza, Chebe's frozen crust is the way to go! You bake the crust in the oven for a few minutes, then add your favorite toppings and bake a few minutes more. The crust is a bit on the crunchy side, but it is really satisfying. I think Chebe's Pizza Crust Mix is still my favorite gluten-free pizza crust, but the frozen version is a whole lot quicker.

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