Monday, July 13, 2009

Blind Taste Test #6: Gluten-Free Beer

Z's Blind Taste Tests are a monthly feature on Gluten-Free from A to Z!

Z's Blind Taste Test #6: Gluten-Free Beer!!

How It Works: Z will cook/bake/prepare four different versions of the same gluten-free product and randomly label each version with a number. Then A and friends will try all four versions and rank them from most favorite to least favorite. The results will allow us to see exactly how different brands of gluten-free products compare to each other!

The Contenders:
  1. Bard's The Original Sorghum Malt Beer
  2. Lakefront Brewery's New Grist Beer
  3. Anheuser-Busch's Redbridge
  4. Green's Quest Tripel Blonde Beer

The Final Results:
  • Most Favorite: Redbridge (4 of 5 votes!)
  • 2nd Favorite: Bard's (3 of 5 votes)
  • 3rd Favorite: New Grist (1 of 5 votes)
  • Least Favorite: Green's (3 of 5 votes)
A's Blind Rankings:
(For A's comments on each beer, please see the individual A-Z reviews - coming soon!)
  • Most Favorite: Redbridge
  • 2nd Favorite: Bard's
  • 3rd Favorite: Green's
  • Least Favorite: New Grist

Our Friend MS's Blind Rankings:
  • Most Favorite: Redbridge - "Smooth, slight bitter, a bit of a hop-like flavor"
  • 2nd Favorite: Bard's - "Slightly sweet, very smooth, sharp, bitter but not overbearing."
  • 3rd Favorite: New Grist - "Very smooth finish, slight fruits. A bit chewy and sweet. Not really beer-like. Closer to cider."
  • Least Favorite: Green's - "Sweet aroma, fruity flavor, slightly bitter. Almost like a cider/beer mix. Almost like a bubbling wine."

Our Friend RK's Blind Rankings:
  • Most Favorite: New Grist - "very light, almost like wine. Soft without a bitter note anywhere. Very mild and not very beer-y."
  • 2nd Favorite: Bard's - "More malty, not much bitterness"
  • 3rd Favorite: Redbridge - "Malty, bite to finish"
  • Least Favorite: Green's - "light, fruity head with slightly bitter end"

Our Friend GW's Blind Rankings:
  • Most Favorite: Redbridge - "In terns of comparing this to regular beer, this one is my favorite. Slightly fruity but smooth and mellow. Nice aroma and not to sugary."
  • 2nd Favorite: New Grist - "Kind of fruity but nice. More like a cider than a beer, but good and not too sugary."
  • 3rd Favorite: Green's - "Not bad but not something I'd go out of my way for. Too fruity and too citric, but I'm not a big fan of cider and that was my first thought."
  • Least Favorite: Bard's - "Kind of like fruity water. Not very tasteful and kind of bland."

Z's Not Blind Rankings:
(For Z's comments on each beer, please see the individual A-Z reviews - coming soon!)
  • Most Favorite: Redbridge
  • 2nd Favorite: New Grist
  • 3rd Favorite: Bard's
  • Least Favorite: Green's

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  1. Love this!! I LOVE Redbridge. I thought New Grist was HORRIBLE!!


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