Monday, June 29, 2009



Restaurant: Sushi Mara

Lafayette - 1381 Forest Park Circle - (303) 665 - 3080
Gluten-Free Options: They offer Tamari sauce, will substitute real crab for imitation crab, and are have well trained staff who are willing to work with you to order gluten-free sushi.

Total From A to Z: 5 Stars

A's Review: * * * * *
I've been to Sushi Mara twice now and it has rocked socks both times. Most recently was the first time since Z went GF, so we were curious to see how they would handle that change. We already knew the sushi was excellent, so we were really impressed when the waiter snapped into action upon hearing Z was GF. One of the best things was the restaurant's willingness to substitute real crabmeat for the imitation crabmeat (which contained wheat but is usually used in their rolls). They also kept things on separate plates to avoid cross contamination and the chef got out a clean knife and cutting board to use for our dishes as well. All in all, very well done. Did I mention this is my favorite sushi restaurant and one of my favorite restaurants period?

Z's Review: * * * * *
This was honestly the best gluten-free sushi experience I have ever had. Obviously they had Tamari sauce instead of regular soy sauce. But, in addition to that, there were lots of gluten-free sushi options and the staff was knowledgeable and ready to work with us. Although they generally use imitation crab in their rolls (which does contain wheat) they were happy to substitute real crab. And except for the marinated eel and tempura options, the rest of the meat options were available. They also served the gluten-free sushi on separate plates from the other sushi (that my friends were eating) to avoid any cross-contamination issues. And on top of all this the sushi was delicious, although perhaps not the most traditional. Sushi Mara shares a building with a steak house, so there were a couple of rolls with seared beef that I absolutely loved! And while sushi can generally be expensive, we were satisfied without totally breaking the bank. We will be returning as soon as possible!

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