Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Restaurant: Mad Greens

Full-screBoulder - 1805 29th Street - (720) 496 - 4157

Gluten-Free Options: Creative salads (obviously order them without croutons) and gluten-free salad dressings (which are actually marked on the regular menu).

Total From A to Z: 5 Stars

A's Review: * * * * *
Z can tell you, I am not a big salad fan. But Mad Greens does something magical and actually makes salad taste good...and work as a meal by itself. The staff is well trained and the menu does a good job of making clear what is GF, which is a good number of items.

Z's Review: * * * * *
So I guess salad is generally a gluten-free no-brainer, so long as you avoid things like croutons and are careful about the dressing. Luckily, Mad Greens marks on their menu which of their dressings are gluten-free and they have eleven gluten-free options! They also make really creative salads, or you can design favorites of your own. According to the staff member I talked to, several of their protein options are also gluten-free (though now I can't remember which). So I think Mad Greens is an awesome place to grab a gluten-free salad. However, I have to make the disclaimer that if you are really sensitive you need to be careful about cross-contamination at Mad Greens because the salads are made at a bar - with glutenous and gluten-free ingredients tending to overlap. I once found a lone cruoton in the bottom of my bowl which could have made a senstive person sick.

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