Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pamela's Products' Spicy Ginger Cookies

Brand: Pamela's Products
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Product Name: Spicy Ginger Cookies

Location Purchased: King Soopers

Cost: $4.39

Note: This product was part of Z's Blind Ginger Cookie Taste Test! See the results!

Total From A to Z: 2.5 Stars

A's Review: * * *
These cookies were really hard but at the same time chewy. They were very gingery. I think they had the best flavor, but they had a strange texture.

Z's Review: * *
These cookies are really hard right out of the box - so hard that they almost taste stale. When you eat them they are chewy, but not exactly in a nice way. They have a really string ginger flavor and the name of the cookies isn't kidding - they are actually spicy! The flavor is actually really good but I couldn't get past the texture, which is why they ranked so low on my list.


  1. These are actually not ever hard for me at al. I buy these and the Dark chocolate ones all the time and they are never stale So, you must have gotten a weird box!
    Because they are SO good.

  2. Interesting. perhaps we'll have to try them again!

  3. Definitely should give them another try because they're delicious!

  4. The Spicy Ginger Cookies have been discontinued and the really not very good sliced almond ones are left to buy. The crunchy snaps are pretty good, though not very gingery. I have tried the sliced almond and ginger ones and threw out the remainder of the box. Awful, at least to me.


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