Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BISCOTTEA's Chai Tea Shortbread

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Product Name: Chai Tea Shortbread

Location/Cost Info: BISCOTTEA's website

Total From A to Z:
4.5 Stars

A's Review: * * * * *
The picture on the packaging is square, but don't let that fool you. These babies are round. The chai flavored ones are just that since they are made with actual chai spices. Yum. I did notice that while these claim to be GF (nothing containing wheat in the ingredients), printed with the "Best by " was a line stating "ALLERGEN WARNING CONTAINS WHEAT AND MILK." I can only assume that this is because they are produced on shared equipment? So...fair warning if you are especially sensitive.

UPDATE: We received the following input from BISCOTTEA concerning the allergen warning:
The product you received was misprinted with allergen information. That has been corrected. The allergen warming states "Contains Wheat and Milk." This product contains no wheat and is tested for gluten with a result of less than 5ppm before released for sale. The allergen warning was printed in error.

Z's Review: * * * *
This cookie tastes like cinnamon and ginger. However, it isn't really buttery like you expect shortbread to be. It is a bit darker than shortbread and more like a regular cookie. But, that being said, this cookie is pretty delicious. It is crunchy with a wonderful hint of chai spices. A very satisfying sweet snack.

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