Monday, May 25, 2009

Amy's Indian Mattar Paneer

Brand: Amy's
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Product Name: Indian Mattar Paneer

Location Purchased: Safeway

Cost: $4.49

Total From A to Z: 4 Stars

A's Review: * * * *
Peas are not one of my favorite vegetables, so I was unsure how I would like this dish. I bear them no ill will; I just wouldn't choose to construct a dish around them. I was pleasantly surprised though. The combination of the peas, garbanzo beans, rice, curry, and paneer was very satisfying and I was scraping the dish wondering where it all went before I realized that I ate it all up. My one request would be for more paneer, because that it just damn good cheese

Z's Review: * * * *
The description on the box is "curried peas & cheese with rice & chana masala, made with organic rice, tomatoes, & peas." This made a very tasty lunch, though I have to admit that I have enjoyed some of Amy's other frozen Indian meals more. (Check back soon for those other reviews!) I also wish there had been more paneer in it because that cheese is absolutely delicious! But the peas and chickpeas were enjoyable too.

SIDE NOTE: Some of Amy's products are labeled "gluten free." But others, like this one, are labeled "no gluten ingredients." I thought this was a little bit confusing, so I emailed Amy's to request clarification of the difference was between the two labels. This is what they said:
There is actually no difference between "gluten free" and "no gluten ingredients". Both are appropriate for folks who cannot tolerant gluten.

Our gluten free products contain only the ingredients listed in the ingredient statement. There are no hidden, unlabeled ingredients. We understand that it is critical that these products be free of gluten and we take this very seriously.

A wide range of activities and cross-checks are completed to ensure that cross-contamination and/or inadvertent use of the wrong ingredient does not occur.

Best regards,

Carol Tamagni

Consumer Relations

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