Thursday, April 16, 2009

RESTAURANT: Walnut Cafe & South Side Walnut Cafe



Restaurant: Walnut Cafe & South Side Walnut Cafe

Walnut Cafe - East Boulder - 3073 Walnut Street - (303) 447 - 2315
South Side Walnut Cafe - South Boulder - 673 S. Broadway - (720) 304 - 8118

Gluten-Free Options: Things that are already naturally gluten-free on the menu: egg dishes, some salads, and burgers without the bun.

Total From A to Z: 3 Stars

A's Review: * * *
I find one thing particularly frustrating about the Walnut Cafe and its sister outfit the South Side Walnut Cafe. Both of these are neighborhood favorites and are almost always packed. This is not an easy task here in Boulder, but the formula they use is a good one: make lots of good food at a reasonable price while still offering many options for various dietary needs, like light/low calorie meals or vegetarian and vegan options. What is frustrating to me is that adding gluten-free options to that list of accommodations would not be terribly difficult. GF pancake mix, GF pie/quiche crust, and GF hamburger buns are all easily obtained, and many from local sources or bakers. I understand that there might be a cost premium associated with offering such options, but I don't think people would mind. The food at Walnut Cafe is very tasty and the staff is great. They've taken so many extra steps to help so many people find hearty, healthy, satisfying breakfasts and lunches...why not this one?

Z's Review: * * *
Both of the Walnut Cafes have a wonderful, local Boulder feel. There's local art hanging on the walls, the service is always super friendly, and they have a full coffee bar that's way better than Starbucks! Like any breakfast/lunch joint, there are naturally gluten-free selections already on the menu. This primarily includes egg dishes, some salads, and burgers without the bun. And, in my experience, the staff have been very helpful in assisting me with my order. However, I still have to admit to being slightly disappointed. The Walnut Cafes are extremely accommodating to other types of dietary restrictions. You can order soy cheese, tofu, tempah, garden burgers, or vegan sausage. You can even substitute free range eggs if you want to! But when it comes to being gluten-free, the menu is just not accommodating at all. For example, each breakfast meal comes with two sides, and there is a big list of sides, but the only gluten-free sides are fruit or grits. I ended up ordering fruit and fruit with my eggs! It seems to me that a place that is willing to carry tempah, soy cheese, and vegan sausage could at least throw in some gluten-free pancakes! Or maybe a crustless or GF quiche?

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