Monday, April 27, 2009

RESTAURANT: The Original Pancake House



The Original Pancake House

Location: National chain

Location We Visited:
Boulder - 2600 Canyon Road - (303) 449-1575

Gluten-Free Options
: In addition to naturally gluten-free options, like eggs and bacon, the location in Boulder also serves gluten-free pancakes. (We're not sure if other locations have GF pancakes, though.)

Total From A to Z: 4.5 Stars

A's Review: * * * *
Gluten free pancakes are a rare find at a restaurant, and having them at the Original Pancake House was a real treat. It is always packed, but the hostess and the waiter were not too busy to answer our questions and they knew exactly what we were talking about when we asked about gluten free options. The pancakes themselves were great, slightly bigger than silver dollar pancakes and just the right amount of fluffy. The portions are generous too, so be sure you are hungry when you come. I would like to see waffles or other things made with the GF batter, but that was my only complaint.

Z's Review: * * * * *
After a full week of pancake-making on Gluten-Free From A to Z, we thought we'd feature a restaurant where someone will make your pancakes for you! Before I became gluten-free I always used to face a conundrum when we went out to breakfast: do I want sweet or salty? But when you're gluten-free you don't usually have the choice. Usually the only things on a breakfast menu that are gluten-free fall solidly into the "salty" category. But, in addition to a wide selection of salty breakfast foods, The Original Pancake House (at least the one in Boulder) offers gluten-free pancakes! I ordered mine with fruit and whipped cream on top and they were delicious! They were hot off the griddle with a really pleasing texture. My only complaint was that they only came plain - you couldn't get them with nuts or blueberries in them, like the regular pancakes. And now I want to lobby The Original Pancake House to start serving gluten-free waffles too! I would love to be able to order a Belgian waffle at breakfast!

SIDE NOTE: I don't know from experience, but this restaurant seems like a great place to take kids. They have a whole bookshelf full of children's books in the waiting area (and I think kids can take the books to the tables too) and they were handing out balloons! Gluten-free and kid friendly!

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