Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Namaste Foods' Waffles & Pancakes Mix

Brand: Namaste Foods
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Product Name: Waffles & Pancakes Mix

Location Purchased: King Soopers

Cost: $5.99

Note: This product was part of Z's Blind Pancake Taste Test! See the Results!

Total From A to Z: 3 Stars

A's Review: * * *
The flavor was...close enough...but the texture was all wrong. These were thin and dense and crunchy instead of light and fluffy. Edible, but not a good substitute for the good ol' pancakes of wheat.

Z's Review: * * *
When I followed the directions on the bag, this mix made a really thin batter. I thought it was almost too watery, but at least it did end up cooking. However, of all the pancake mixes we've tried, this mix resulted in the least attractive pancakes. They were extremely thin - almost like stiff crepes - and had an almost greenish tint (which I think was probably from the vanilla in the mix). These pancakes also didn't brown no matter how long you left them on the griddle. The flavor was good, but the texture and appearance wasn't my favorite.

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