Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tinkyada's Brown Rice Pasta Spirals

Brand: Tinkyada
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Product Name: Brown Rice Pasta Spirals

Location Purchased: King Sooper's

Cost: $3.59

Total From A to Z: 3.5 Stars

A's Review: * * * *
This is my favorite GF pasta so far. They come out of the pot with a proper texture, not mushy or overly sticky like other GF pastas. The flavor is different than wheat based pasta, but it is still good and with butter or some good sauce, you quickly forget that there is anything unusual. I think this would make good pasta salad also.

Z's Review: * * *
This pasta does taste a little bit different than regular pasta when you are eating it with tomato sauce. I guess people aren't really used to the rice flavor paired with "Italian" flavors. It is also a slightly different consistency than regular pasta. It's a little bit softer than I expected, sort of like regular pasta that has been overcooked. But if you are looking for a pasta substitute for a meal, this one does the job. We had it with our meatballs!

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