Saturday, January 31, 2009

RECIPE: A Gluten-Free Guide's Celabratory Cupcakes

Source: A Gluten-Free Guide

Original Recipe: Celebratory Cupcakes! (Yellow Gluten-Free Cupcakes)

Recipe Review by Z: This recipe was actually discovered by my friend RK, who has been extremely supportive and encouraging during my transition to a gluten-free lifestyle. And, to be fair, she did most of the work when we were baking these while I just prepared to eat them! As far as the recipe goes, we had a few minor comments:
  • We ended up buying two packages of Jello vanilla pudding because we weren't sure which size box was required. In the end we went with the 3.4 oz box.
  • We only had to bake the cupcakes for about 21 minutes (less than the suggested 25) and we only got 21 cupcakes (less than a full dozen)
  • For the frosting, we had a little bit of trouble with the quantities because the package of confectioner's sugar we had was more than a pound and we weren't sure how many cups to use. In the end, we guessed and then ended up adding a little extra milk to make the frosting less thick.
  • ALTITUDE NOTE: Although Boulder is at a higher altitude, we didn't do anything to adjust this recipe and the cupcakes still came out fantastic!
Total From A to Z: 5 Stars

A's Review: * * * * *
Today, the mac and cheese was de-throned in battle for best gluten-free equivalent. These cupcakes are awesome, fluffy in the middle and just a little bit of crunch around the edges. Somehow the creators of this recipe managed to avoid the density and hardness issues that are so common with other gluten-free bread stuffs. This should serve as a template for all gluten-free bread things from now on!

Z's Review: * * * * *
I'm pretty sure these cupcakes were the very best dessert I have had since I have become gluten-free! Just for fun we used food coloring to turn the frosting pink and added little hearts out of red sprinkles. The cupcakes themselves were fluffy and tasted just like regular yellow cake. No trace of corn or orange juice! They were amazing hot out of the oven and just as tasty when cold hours later. I really enjoyed these cupcakes and I am delighted that we'll have them around the house for the next couple of days. Or at least the next couple of hours!!


  1. As visiting co-chef of the celebratory cupcakes, I can only say that if you need more affirmation that these were "as good as normal," my plate of them was gone about 0.35 seconds after I walked in the door. I only eat gluten-free when I'm dining with A & Z, so that is high praise, indeed.

  2. Have you tried to make this mix as a cake? I'm curious if it turns out as well/if you really need to bake it for 40-45 minutes

  3. We actually haven't tried this mix as a cake - but these cupcakes are so good that I would have high hopes for the cake! If you try it, please let us know!


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