Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crunchmaster's Rice Crackers

Brand: Crunchmaster
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Product Name: Rice Crackers (Artisan Cheese and Toasted Sesame)

Location Purchased: Costco

Cost: $6.99 for 6-pack (3 Artisan Cheese; 3 Toasted Sesame)

Total From A to Z:
4 Stars

A's Review: * * * *
We found these at Costco, the source of many of the tasty things in our kitchen. There are two flavors: Artisan Four Cheese and Toasted Sesame. Think of a smaller, denser puffed rice cake and you'll have a good idea of how they taste. They are a bit on the dry side (for better or worse), so you would not want to eat too many unless you had something to go with them. Small cubes of cheddar go well, and if you threw in some good lunchmeat, you'd have yourself a nice little horse doover platter. I will say that I don't generally like the flavor of sesame, but these crackers are good enough to make me forget that.

Z's Review: * * * *
You can't beat the value of these crackers when you get them at Costco - $7 bucks for six packages! The 6-pack comes in two flavors: Artisan Cheese and Toasted Sesame. I find that I like the Artisan Cheese flavor a little bit better, but the Toasted Sesame ones are good as well. These crackers are good as a snack by themselves, but they also taste great with a soft cheese. I even like them with cream cheese! However (perhaps I'm being a bit too honest here) I do find that they get stuck in my teeth when I eat a bunch in a row But that's my only complaint about this crunchy, gluten-free goodness!!

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  1. I submit that A is actually a construct of Z's imagination. Or vice versa. How else can you explain the shocking dialectical similarities??

    Other than that, awesome!


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