Friday, July 3, 2009

RESTAURANT: Coney Island Boardwalk


Restaurant: Coney Island Boardwalk

Location: Bailey, CO - 10 Old Stage Coach Road - (303) 838 - 4210
Gluten-Free Options: While there aren't that many gluten-free options, this place is pretty conscious of gluten-allergies for a hot dog stand!

Total From A to Z: 4 Stars

A's Review: * * * *
Hidden back in the mountains near Bailey, CO, perched on the banks of the north fork of the South Platte River, is Coney Island. Ginormous hot dogs, piping hot burgers, and ice cream to top it all off. When Z asked if she could get her burger without a bun, they asked if it was preference or for an allergy. Z told them allergy and they sprang into action. They make everything fresh to order and while the chili on my footlong chilidog wasn't the best I've ever had, it was really really good. Definitely a good place to stop on the way to anywhere else on US 285.

Z's Review: * * * *
We usually review restaurants in the Boulder/Denver area, so Coney Island Boardwalk is a little bit outside our usual range. However, it's a giant hotdog in the middle of the Rockies! How can you not stop!! While gluten-free options at Coney Island are basically limited to burgers and hot dogs without the bun, the staff was actually pretty knowledgable. When I ordered my burger sans bun they immediately asked "is that a preference or an allergy?" When I told them it was an allergy they changed their gloves and attempted to limit cross-contamination. The burger was also quite tasty and the atmosphere was fun! Made for an enjoyable stop on our road trip.

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