Friday, May 8, 2009



Restaurant: Chipotle

National Chain

Location We Visited:
Boulder - 1650 28th Street - (720) 406-0500
Gluten-Free Options: Everything at Chipotle is gluten-free except for the flour tortillas! (Just be careful about cross-contamination if you are really sensitive).

Total From A to Z: 5 Stars

A's Review: * * * * *
It was really fun to see the employees spring into action when Z told them she was GF. One went and got a manager to verify that everything except the flour tortillas was GF. Next they changed the serving spoons for the beans (but if the beans themselves were already cross-contaminated then that doesn't really accomplish much), and grabbed the crunchy corn taco shells. Chipotle has lots of natural, antibiotic-free, growth hormone-free meat to serve, and their guacamole is really good.

Z's Review: * * * * *
When we went into Chipotle and told them I was gluten-free and asked what I could order, at first they had no idea what I was talking about. So I clarified and asked if any of their spices or sauces contained wheat or flour. It took them a while to find the right paperwork, but eventually they brought out an allergens list which showed that the only item at Chipotle that contained wheat were the flour tortillas! That's the way food should be! Don't go sticking wheat in where it isn't necessary! So, since they carried both crunchy and soft corn tortillas, there were actually quite a lot of options for me. They even changed their gloves to minimize any potential cross-contamination. I had some really delicious tacos and will probably go to Chipotle again for a quick meal!


  1. i love chipotle! no sneaking in gluten :)

  2. We got feedback from Chipotle! Here is what they said:

    Thanks so much for the review and recognizing our efforts towards accommodating our customers who are gluten free! We appreciate the write up, and we will be sure to pass it around. We do want our customers to know that there is always a possibility of cross contact in our restaurant, since some of our items do contain gluten. We would like them to refer to our website for more information.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Patrick Kelly


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