Thursday, May 21, 2009

Namaste Foods' Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix

Brand: Namaste Foods
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Product Name: Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix

Location Purchased: King Soopers

Cost: $5.99

Note: This product was part of Z's Blind Pizza Crust Taste Test! See the results!

Total From A to Z: 3 Stars

A's Review: * * *
This crust is lightly crunchy, which is pleasant. But it gets soggy over time, so eat it right away.

Z's Review: * * *
Getting four pizza crusts mixed and out of the oven around the same time for this taste test was no easy task! So I have lots of comments about the process of making these pizzas! The directions on the package are for half of the amount of mix in the bag. This means that you either need to carefully measure half of the mix in the bag or double the extra ingredients the directions say to add. I think that's a little bit confusing - I would have preferred if the mix had been divided into two portions in the bag. However, as long as you keep track of what you are doing, this mix does make it easier to make only one pizza crust if that is all you need. The other thing that was a bit confusing was that the directions say it is "very important to spread better to at least 14 inches." 14 inches in diameter? In length? What about the width? We weren't exactly sure what that meant so we did the best we could with our cookie sheets. And they aren't kidding when they say the batter will be a weird consistency and will need to be spread with a spatula! It was a little bit difficult to spread it evenly.

As for the final product, I actually really liked this pizza right out of the oven. It was really thin and crunchy and made for really enjoyable pizza crust. However, after the pizza sat out of the oven for a few minutes (covered in sauce and cheese) the crust got really soggy and mushy, to the point where it couldn't even support the toppings anymore. The flavor was good and this pizza crust would have ranked higher on my list except for how soggy it got after only a few minutes cooling.

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